Our Curriculum


Of several multi-course curriculums we've tried, we like K12 the absolute best! They feature strong academics, exceptional materials, and above-and-beyond support that make them an easy choise to stick with. Teaching and learning has been much easier and straight forward with K12 than several other (also delightful) options we've tried. Not only do they provide fully guided curriculums, including books, projects and all necessary materials, but they also back it up with an Online School interface with schedules, courses, supplemental guidance, progress tracking, and support. And it's mostly all customizable to fit your style and needs. Organizationally, it's a dream.

The Online School (OLS) can be used by either instructor or student. Each has their own account to use and the appropriate privleges that apply.

This is the home screen for parents or learning coaches using the OLS. No matter how busy a day gets, the well organized plan here soothes the savage beast of a multi-child homeschool environment. 

This image shows the parent's view of progress. This is an image of ours from the first quarter of one year. Here, my favorite feature is the ability to calculate an end date for the subjects based on previous progress and future scheduling. 

K12 supplies materials to individuals and private schools for sale, and can also be accessed for free through many affiliated public charter schools nation and world wide.

Khan Academy

In the last couple years, we've added Khan Academy as a daily part of our learning.  What began as a clever, educated fellow making tutoring videos for family has blossomed into a brilliant online resource for educating students of most ages. 

It's goal is to become the planet's first FREE world-class virtual school. The subject matter represented on this site grows regularly, but we mainly use it for it's great mathmatics program.

Once registered, students, parents, teachers, and instructors can watch or share simple and clear tutorial videos, and then test skills learned with practice tests and exercises. All the video's watched, and problems solved are logged, and the information is easily reviewed by students or coaches alike to share the victory of learning progress.

Khan Academy organizes it's lessons on a subject tree. This is a small part of the mathematics map we work from each day. Usually, I set up a set of goals for my kids each week and they work on their own within the site to reach them. 

Each student is awarded achievements from reaching a variety of different participation goals. These are mine, but I tend to coach more and practice less. My daughter's achievement page is much more impressive!

This shows a selection from the WATCH section. Every practice lesson comes with at least one video to watch if students need further instruction than a basic example. Here's the actual video if you'd like to check out the math behind Variance of a Population (http://youtu.be/dvoHB9djouc).  My kids haven't gotten into anything this complicated yet, but he explains everything as clearly and simply… from basic addition all the way to differential calculus.


Codecademy is incredibly similar to Khan Academy, only it is entirely dedicated to teaching programming. Admittedly, I don't have much experience yet as this is something we've just added to our repertoire, but it looks promising, so I've included it. 

Oak Meadow

There's a place near and dear to my heart for Waldorf teaching and materials. It was a glowing beacon in my educational upbringing that helped me along no matter what school environment I found myself in. For an artistic and more soulful look into any subject, I seek out Waldorf. Among this nation of homeschoolers, Waldorf has a strong presence. As schools, they bring the love and nurturing comfort of home into school, so it makes sense it would work well in reverse too. 

My favorite place for Waldorf homeschool support is Oak Meadow. Lovely materials, a well-thought curriculum, as well as blogs and community make this a well-rounded support for those who appreciate this learning philosophy or thrive in it. I do find it a bit on the expensive side, so to compensate, I buy the books mainly and then seek out the craft materials independently. We tend to be well stocked with craft supplies anyway. 

In Conclusion...

We have found these learning services to be indispensable for our family. Their easy-to-use programs and extensive progress tracking and reward systems give us and our kids the assurances we need that within our freedom-loving learning environment we are raising and exceeding our education standards. As you can see, we learn lots and love doing it!

© Llana Grossman 2013