Our Story

Every homeschool family has a story. This is ours. 

The oldest child in our family wanted to start school but wasn't old enough yet. She even potty trained herself so a school would admit her... but they didn't because she was only 3 years old. It was then our homeschool practice began.

We found we enjoyed the freedom, the superior quality of available curricula, and our ability to spend time together growing our close bonds as a family.

"But the socializing!" our family friend said.

The homeschool communities we've been a part of have all been both active and motivated. The kids have gotten to know many kids their own age, and have formed meaningful and lasting friendships. The activities we've enriched our days with are filled with the diversity brought by so many wonderful children and parents all striving for education, fun, and experience. 

How long will we homeschool? As long as it is a better option than conventional schools.  

Homeschooling, we have also had the opportunity to improve upon the school system we are accustomed to and create our own newer, student-centric system. It features individualized attention where critical academics are delivered in themes that each student feels passionate about and interested in, and in the learning style most appealing to that individual. Every student would be so lucky to be afforded the opportunity to grow through and specialize in areas they feel a strong attraction to.

I feel I should add that even as dedicated home-learners, there are some small private schools that function very similarly to a co-op homeschool environment. I know we've met one with educational philosophies very similar to ours and have enjoyed including them in our days and our hearts. Despite our deep homeschooling roots, we will likely revisit these experiences as well. The world is full of wonderful learning opportunities! We'll always be home-learners, but as a result, we'll also always make the most of enriching options we come across! 

So this is it. Our family. Our home. Our Kauhale Kula.

© Llana Grossman 2013